how to dowload Douyin(Chinese TikTok)all Version

how to dowload Douyin(Chinese TikTok)all Version

Do you have TikTok installed on your phone? It’s the largest traffic social media platform in the world, capturing everyone’s attention. However, compared to the international version of TikTok, personally, I prefer the content on the Chinese mainland version of Douyin. But how can you view Douyin’s content? Here are a few methods provided.

Considering that some people have concerns about mainland Chinese software, the Chinese mainland version of Douyin also provides a homepage in web format, allowing those who do not want to install the software on their phones or computers to have a way to peek into the world of Douyin. The web version is more focused on developing medium to long-form videos, so the recommended videos are usually in a horizontal format or over five minutes long. Unlike the algorithm used on mobile devices, the video recommendation method used on the web version is based on search and creator recommendations, which is more similar to the commonly used Youtube in Taiwan. However, if you are looking for vertical videos, you can still find them on the web version or desktop version.

Douyin 【web version】

Go to the web version:

Once you enter the Douyin website, you can immediately start watching videos. However, since I have an iPhone, if I use my phone to connect to the official Douyin website, it will still redirect me to the App installation link. It seems that Android users can directly open the web page.

Douyin 【PC version】

The desktop version provides a software of approximately 100MB, which needs to be installed on the computer.

1.Download and Install Douyin Software

The official website provides software for the following two operating systems:

PC version:Click here to download

Mac版:Click here to download

Installation of software

The installation process is also very simple, just follow the instructions to install.

2.Click “Yes”.

3.ClickOne-click installation 一鍵安裝

4.Start installation

5.Installation completed. Open Douyin desktop version.

The Douyin web version and desktop version are the same.

They both support keyboard directional keys, which allows you to swipe to the next video using the keyboard. It’s quite convenient.

You can also use the mouse scroll wheel to swipe through the videos.

Both versions also offer the option to view all videos or to directly browse through recommended horizontal videos.

The difference between Douyin web version and computer version:

Actually… there is not much difference between the web version and the computer version. Both are developed for the medium and long video market, so their interface is very different from the mobile version. However, I personally found some small differences in my use:

The font size of the title in the computer version is moderate and does not affect the screen.

In the web version, the font size of the title appears larger when I zoom in my browser to 100%, taking up more space on the screen.

The title text in the computer version looks much more reasonable and doesn’t get cut off like in the web version, even when the zoom level is set to 100%.

mini playe

In addition, the computer version provides a mini player, which is not available in the web version. This feature is more suitable for office workers or busy people who want to take a break.

Douyin 【APP version】

Installing Douyin (TikTok) on iOS devices

Installing Douyin (TikTok) on iOS devices requires changing the region to Mainland China and downloading it from the Chinese App Store

Click here for instructions on how to change the region on iOS


Android users can download the APK file and install it directly.

For Douyin (TikTok) Smart TV version, download the installation package to a USB drive, connect it to the smart TV, and complete the installation.

download apk

Currently, non-mainland accounts cannot complete real-name authentication, but all features except those related to payment can still be used.

Douyin 【Smart TV Version】

To download the Douyin (TikTok) app on a smart TV in China, you can follow these steps

  1. Go to the download page for the smart TV version of Douyin
  2. Download the app onto a USB drive.
  3. Insert the USB drive into your smart TV and install the app.
  4. Once the installation is complete, you can start using Douyin on your smart TV.

Currently, non-mainland accounts cannot complete real-name authentication, but all features except those related to payment can still be used.

Friends can choose whether to register and log in or not, but since 2022, real-name authentication is required to apply for Douyin, in order to activate all permissions such as purchasing Doucoin and giving virtual gifts. However, if you only watch videos and live streams without any interaction, it basically won’t affect you. Some people who apply may be prompted with the “youth mode”, which limits daily usage to 40 minutes and comes with some restrictions.