how to dowload Douyin(Chinese TikTok)all Version

how to dowload Douyin(Chinese TikTok)all Version

Do you have TikTok installed on your phone? It’s the largest traffic social media platform in the world, capturing everyone’s attention. However, compared to the international version of TikTok, personally, I prefer the content on the Chinese version – Douyin. But how can you view Douyin’s content? Here are a few methods provided.

Concerned about Mainland Chinese software?

No sweat. Douyin’s got a webpage version for those hesitant to download the app. The web version leans towards longer videos, suggesting horizontal or over 5-minute clips. Unlike the mobile algorithm, it’s more like YouTube, recommending videos based on searches and creator suggestions. You can still find vertical videos on the web and computer versions too

Douyin 【web version】


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