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A middle-aged part-time job to share some experience and teaching. The articles are my own experience and experience accumulation. I am very glad that everyone found my blog in the vast Internet.

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Yes, in my blog, some articles will have affiliate marketing links, which means that if you make a purchase through the links recommended in my articles, I can get a little referral bonus, but this “won’t affects the price of your original purchase.

The recommended products or services on my website are 100% bought and used by myself. Only those who have used them dare to recommend them. I think they are easy to use, so I recommend them to everyone. A small number of products or services are used by friends or many seniors on the Internet. And the evaluations are very good, and I will sort them out for everyone .

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In the blog, you may see advertisements in certain areas. These are advertisements provided by Google Adsense and WordAds. Through these advertisements, I can get some advertising fees. If possible, you can also sponsor me by clicking on the advertisements.

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Because setting up a blog requires the related expenses of the virtual host, which is not a small fixed expenditure every year , and it is not a small burden for me whose salary has been greatly reduced in middle age.

Therefore, most of the income received by the blog (because it is really not much) will be invested in the operation of the website, and some paid plug-ins used on the website, as well as some easy-to-use and paid plug-ins or product trials, recommendations and teaching . I also hope that I can use the blog income to bring more and more helpful articles to everyone!

If you like my article and think it is really helpful to you, if you don’t dislike it, you can support this site through the ” small sponsorship ” channel, thank you very much!

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