Food Adventure: Tianshan Township’s Free-Range Chicken City on Guanyin Mountain, Wugu, New Taipei

Food Adventure: Tianshan Township’s Free-Range Chicken City on Guanyin Mountain, Wugu, New Taipei

In the mountainous regions of New Taipei, apart from the breathtaking landscapes, it’s probably the cuisine that draws people in the most. Various mountain produce and wild game are skillfully transformed by talented chefs into delicious dishes. And this time, I’m heading to Guanyin Mountain in Wugu District, New Taipei City, where my colleagues have been raving about the incredibly tasty Tianshan Township’s Free-Range Chicken City!


Your colleagues often visit Lingyun Zen Temple for worship, and they’ve mentioned that getting a table without a reservation is quite challenging due to its popularity. This time, taking advantage of the fewer crowds during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, you and your colleagues decided to visit Tianshan Township’s Free-Range Chicken City in Wugu District, New Taipei City. Here’s the route you took:

  1. Start from your location in New Taipei City.
  2. Drive along Provincial Highway 64 (台64線).
  3. Continue on Provincial Highway 64 until you reach the intersection with Section 3 of Lingyun Road (凌雲路三段).
  4. Turn onto Section 3 of Lingyun Road, heading towards Lingyun Zen Temple.
  5. As you approach the mountain’s summit, you’ll see Tianshan Township’s Free-Range Chicken City.
  6. Along the way, you’ll also pass by several other chicken restaurants. They are highly recommended for a try!

Please note that this route is a general description based on the information you provided. For precise navigation, I recommend using a navigation app or GPS device. Enjoy your visit to Tianshan Township’s Free-Range Chicken City and the scenic journey along the way!

Introduction to Tianshan Township’s Free-Range Chicken City:

【Tianshan Township’s Free-Range Chicken City】

Reservation Phone: 02-2292-7096

Address: No. 79, Section 3, Lingyun Road, Wugu District, New Taipei City

Google Maps: Tianshan Township’s Free-Range Chicken City Map

Facebook: Tianshan Township’s Free-Range Chicken City FB

Upon arriving at Free-Range Chicken City, you’ll be greeted by a two-story building. The entrance area is spacious, with parking available for approximately 12 cars or more. (Apologies for not taking photos this time; borrowing a photo from Tianshan Township’s Free-Range Chicken City FB.)

Entrance of Tianshan Township’s Free-Range Chicken City

The interior space is very spacious with tables only on both sides. Even when it’s crowded, there’s no sense of congestion, making it easy to move around. Due to the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, it’s rare to see just one or two tables occupied. The natural breeze eliminates the need for air conditioning.

And right across from the restaurant is a stunning night view. Due to its location near the mountain peak and the absence of light pollution in the surroundings, you can enjoy a delightful meal while gazing at the night scenery. The September breeze isn’t too chilly, making it incredibly pleasant and comfortable to sip on chicken soup while feeling the evening breeze!

Night View of Tianshan Township’s Free-Range Chicken City

Dishes at Tianshan Township’s Free-Range Chicken City

This time, there were five adults and one child in our group. Faced with the wide array of dishes, we didn’t know where to start; each dish seemed tempting. However, with the concern of potentially not being able to finish everything, we decided to go for the set menu, which included eight dishes for 3000 NT dollars. This allowed us to sample a variety of Tianshan Township’s finest dishes.

The first dish that arrived was the poached freshwater prawns. We weren’t familiar with this particular type of prawn, but they were delightfully firm and fresh, and surprisingly delicious even without dipping them in soy sauce.

Poached Freshwater Prawns

Next, a dish that my colleague couldn’t stop raving about arrived—the Orange Juice Ribs. Even before the dish reached our table, they were enthusiastically exclaiming how delicious it was! I quickly grabbed a piece and indeed, it was outstanding. The orange flavor was fragrant without being overly sweet, creating a delightful balance of sweet and tangy. The texture of sesame seeds complemented the dish, and before I knew it, I had taken a few extra spoonfuls of rice. Despite our initial agreement to avoid eating too much rice due to the abundance of dishes, it was hard to resist!

Orange Juice Ribs

Next, a plate of stir-fried vegetables was served. This time, they prepared stir-fried sweet potato leaves for us. The large wok and quick stir-fry technique gave the vegetables a slightly charred and smoky flavor, setting it apart from the usual blanched style.

Stir-Fried Sweet Potato Leaves

And now, the star of the show has arrived! Half a poached free-range chicken. The chicken meat has a satisfying texture that’s not overly tender, even the breast meat remains juicy. The chicken skin is wonderfully crispy and fragrant, and personally, I find it delicious even without dipping it in soy sauce.

Poached Free-Range Chicken

And then, here comes another main dish, Bamboo Shoot Chicken Soup. As soon as it’s brought to the table, the refreshing aroma of bamboo shoots fills the air. The soup itself is clear, sweet, and smooth. Even the bamboo shoots alone are delicious, and there’s not much visible oil on the surface of the chicken soup. Drinking a warm bowl of this soup feels soothing and comfortable on the stomach.

Bamboo Shoot Chicken Soup

Next up is a dish that I personally adore, the Three-Cup Squid. The Three-Cup series is known for being hard to disappoint, and what sets Tianshan Township’s Free-Range Chicken City apart is that they sprinkle basil leaves on top, allowing customers to mix it in themselves. It’s worth noting that when you get to mix it yourself, it tastes twice as delicious. Because of this extra step, I found myself eating more rice. Among the flavors, what I love the most is the crisply fried garlic and the aromatic basil leaves; I just can’t stop eating them one after another.

Three-Cup Squid with Abundant Basil Leaves

It sounds like you were really engrossed in enjoying the meal! Sometimes, the deliciousness of the food can easily take our attention away from other things, like taking photos. The Iron Plate Tofu and Steamed Stove Fish must have been equally delightful. It’s all part of the experience of savoring good food!


In conclusion, despite our initial expectation that a table with eight dishes might be too much for five adults, we were surprised to find ourselves finishing everything – not even leaving a bowl of soup behind. The food was truly delicious. For group sizes of around 5 to 6 people, I would recommend going for the set menu as the portions are well-balanced. For larger groups, you could consider asking the owner to adjust the portion accordingly.

Additionally, the service was impressively prompt, ensuring that a larger group wouldn’t have to wait excessively. Each dish was worth savoring, and if I were to rank them, I’d place the Poached Free-Range Chicken in the first place, followed by the Bamboo Shoot Chicken Soup, and the Orange Juice Ribs in the third.

Moreover, Tianshan Township’s Free-Range Chicken City also offers various wild game dishes, such as crocodile, rabbit meat, and even crickets. If you’re feeling adventurous, don’t hesitate to try these unique offerings and support the establishment!


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