make money with Toluna? redeemed $4,000NT on 2024/2/23

make money with Toluna?  redeemed $4,000NT on 2024/2/23

Can you really earn money by taking surveys or is it just another scam? With the prevalence of online scams, people are understandably cautious about their personal information. However, there are legitimate market research companies that conduct surveys to gather more accurate data about their products, and Toluna Influencers is one such company that I believe has a relatively low barrier to entry.

My view on the Toluna website

Of course, some survey companies are indeed scams, and you may register and never receive any surveys. But I have personally received payment for surveys completed through Toluna Influencers. Simply put, Toluna is a survey marketing company that collects relevant data through this platform. You may think that you can just casually fill out the surveys, and the website doesn’t know your true situation, so you can just write anything. However, it’s not that simple.

They are very strict when it comes to surveys, and even if you write something that doesn’t suit you, it’s possible that they will interrupt the survey after verifying your registration information in the backend and finding out that you’re not the target audience they’re looking for. The zero-point surveys shown in the image below are surveys that were interrupted halfway through. There are quite a lot of them! So, it’s not as easy to earn money as you might think.

Registration for Toluna is completely free! Are you ready to give it a try?

Payment Update:

Updated on 2024/2/23

Due to changing jobs last time, I thought it wouldn’t matter, and I could just log in without needing a verification code to receive the gift.

But as a result, I couldn’t receive emails. So I switched to an iCloud mailbox, thinking I could fill out surveys when I received emails while commuting. But unexpectedly, I couldn’t receive any emails on iCloud. So I switched to my current company’s mailbox because I receive emails during work hours. But it still didn’t work. After three rounds of communication with customer service, although the customer service kindly assisted me, I still couldn’t log in, and I couldn’t redeem my points.

So, the conclusion is that Toluna’s emails will be blocked by iCloud. Finally, I switched to Gmail (I wonder why I didn’t do this in the beginning?), and successfully logged in!

I also successfully redeemed $600.

Therefore, the conclusion is that Toluna’s emails will be blocked by iCloud.

Updated on 2024/2/7

I changed my job, and because of that, I haven’t been able to receive verification codes in my original email inbox. As a result, I haven’t been able to update it. I’ve already written to customer service and hope to receive good news soon! I have accumulated 61670 points that I cannot redeem anymore.

Updated on 2023/9/4. Total redeemed: $3,400NT.

This time, 400 dollars were redeemed.

Recently, there was a lifestyle questionnaire with 12,000 points, which helped boost my points by a considerable amount. Although this questionnaire takes 60 minutes to complete, you can pause and resume filling it out. However, you cannot fill it out on the following day as the link will expire. The questions are actually quite short, so you should be able to complete them all.

Updated on 2023/7/13. Total redeemed: $3,000NT.

It’s been a long time since the last update, but this time I redeemed 800 dollars at once! However, the number of surveys has returned to normal recently. Despite being busy with work, I can still occasionally fill them out and earn a steady amount of points.

Updated on 2023/3/15. Total redeemed: $2,200.

Recently, I don’t know if there is a problem with the system, but I am unable to fill out surveys, which has slowed down my accumulation speed.

Updated on 2023/1/16, redeemed another $200, accumulated $2,000.

Updated on 2023/1/3, redeemed another $200, accumulated $1,800.

Updated on 2022/12/20: I redeemed another $400

Updated on 2022/10/18: Redeemed another $400.

It’s really the fastest survey website I’ve ever used.

Updated on 2022/8/23: $800 has been credited to my account.

Toluna website redesigned on 7/1/2022.

The biggest change in the layout is the design quality, which is closer to the current mainstream website design style compared to the old version. The menu has also been moved to the left, making it more convenient for users to select quickly and easily, making reading more comfortable and enjoyable.

The functions continue to have existing function pages.

What is Toluna?

Toluna is an online survey company founded in France in 2000, with subsidiaries established in Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region in 2013. Toluna invites thousands of members every day to answer surveys on various topics. The purpose of these surveys is to collect opinions on products and services of major consumer brands. We can provide feedback on our consumer habits. This feedback will be directly provided to developers and will affect how they market, distribute, or promote new products and services to consumers similar to us.

Toluna Links

What can be exchanged with Toluna?

Toluna uses a point system, where different rewards correspond to different amounts of points. By filling out surveys, users can accumulate points and exchange them for cash, gift cards, or donate to the Red Cross during the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. It’s important to note that for gift card redemptions, a minimum of 600 points must be redeemed at once and sent by registered mail, so it’s recommended to accumulate enough points to reach this amount to avoid any issues. Here’s a simple list of exchangeable items:

Taiwan Redeemable Item

Redeemable ItemPoints RequiredSpecial Notes

Hong Kong Redeemable Item

PayPal $50 cash transfer20400points
HKTVmall $50 gift card19000points
Häagen-Dazs $50 voucher21000pointsonly shipped for orders above $300
鴻福堂Hung Fook Tong $50 voucher21000pointsonly shipped for orders above $300
萬寧Watsons $100 voucher41000pointsonly shipped for orders above $300
百佳ParknShop$100 voucher41000pointsonly shipped for orders above $300
Starbucks $50 voucher21000pointsonly shipped for orders above $300
太興Tai Hing $50 voucher21000pointsonly shipped for orders above $300
惠康Wellcome $100 voucher41000pointsonly shipped for orders above $300
MarketPlace $100 voucher41000pointsonly shipped for orders above $300
麥當勞McDonald’s $100 voucher41000pointsonly shipped for orders above $300

How to use Toluna:

Firstly, you need to log in to Toluna’s homepage and click on the “register” button at the top of the page. This will take you to the registration page where you will need to fill in nine personal details. This information will not be made public and is only used to identify you.

Once you have completed all the required fields, you will have successfully created an account. Next, you will need to verify your email address, and once that’s done, you can start filling out surveys.

After returning to the homepage, you will see surveys available for you in the survey center that are suitable for you to complete. The highest number of points that you can earn will also be displayed.

Countries/Regions that can register for Toluna:

There are a total of 57 countries/regions that can participate, and the gifts that can be redeemed vary by location and will be provided according to local conditions!

  1. Denmark
  2. Russia
  3. Canada (French)
  4. Canada (English)
  5. Hungary
  6. South Africa
  7. South Korea
  8. Indonesia
  9. India
  10. Taiwan
  11. Colombia
  12. Turkey
  13. Egypt (English)
  14. Egypt (Arabic)
  15. Mexico
  16. Austria
  17. Pakistan (Urdu)
  18. Pakistan (English)
  19. Brazil
  20. Greece
  21. Germany
  22. Ireland
  23. Norway
  24. Czech Republic
  25. Morocco (French)
  26. Morocco (Arabic)
  27. Singapore
  28. Japan
  29. Chile
  30. Belgium (French)
  31. Belgium (Dutch)
  32. Saudi Arabia (English)
  33. Saudi Arabia (Arabic)
  34. France
  35. Poland
  36. Thailand
  37. Australia
  38. Sweden
  39. Switzerland (German)
  40. Switzerland (French)
  41. Republic of Peru
  42. New Zealand
  43. USA (English)
  44. USA (Spanish)
  45. Italy
  46. Finland
  47. United Kingdom
  48. Netherlands
  49. Philippines
  50. Portugal
  51. Spain
  52. Vietnam
  53. United Arab Emirates (English)
  54. United Arab Emirates (Arabic)
  55. Hong Kong
  56. Malaysia (English)
  57. Malaysia (Malay)

How does Toluna send surveys to me?

On the PC version, suitable surveys for you will appear periodically in “My Survey Center.”

You may also occasionally receive notifications in your email inbox. Typically, surveys sent to your email are tailored specifically for you, and they don’t usually fill up quickly. However, it may take around 5-7 days for a survey to arrive in your email inbox.

Therefore, it is recommended to check the website daily, as there will usually be at least one survey available every day.

The new version of Toluna has removed SMS notifications, so please remember to check your notification settings.

Introduction to Toluna Features


The original social interaction was quite strong, and users would ask questions and interact in the forum. This is also encouraged by the official website, and periodic point-giving activities are held. However, based on past records, it seems that fixed users are mainly taking advantage of the point-giving activities. The new version of the interface has reduced the interactive section. Even though there are still posts for interaction, currently, only one post is visible. It seems that without incentives, people are not willing to spend time interacting.


There is a function that needs to be explained in particular, which is the “unsubscribe” feature in the personal profile. Please do not click on it, as it will cancel your account. Fortunately, there is a fail-safe mechanism, and you have to click on “click here” again to confirm that you want to cancel your account. Therefore, please do not click on this area unnecessarily, as we rely on surveys to earn money!

Frequently Asked Questions about Toluna:

■How can I earn points?

First, you need to become a Toluna member and fill out surveys to accumulate points. Each survey rewards between 1000 and 6000 points.

What is the maximum number of points I can earn?

There is no limit to the number of points you can earn on Toluna.

Do points expire?

Points become valid for sixteen months after being added to your account. Points that have not been used within this time frame will become invalid, and the system will automatically remove them from your account. Not all points will become invalid at the same time; the countdown starts from the moment you earn the points (for example, if you earn points on March 15, 2019, and don’t use them, the system will remove them on July 28, 2020). The system usually clears out points at the end of each month, so it’s best not to wait until the end of the month to redeem your points.

■How long does it take to receive rewards after redemption?

The entire processing time may take up to three weeks. Make sure to confirm your mailing address, email address, or PayPal account email address.

Redemption Process

Select the reward and the quantity you want to redeem, and currently until 30th April 2022, points can still be redeemed for Ukraine donation!

The new redemption process no longer requires confirmation of your information but will directly ask if you are sure you want to redeem.

Once confirmed, the redemption process is complete!

I chose to use PayPal for transfer. After Toluna sends the payment to my PayPal account, I will receive an email notification from PayPal and must confirm receipt. *** The payment will be processed within 4 weeks after redemption ***. If you fail to confirm receipt or for any other reason are unable to receive payment, Toluna will receive a list of invalid transactions at the end of a one-month confirmation period and will refund the points to your account.

Extra point-earning features

In the newly redesigned Toluna page, there are some pages where you can accumulate points in a fun way.

Sponsored Polls

Occasionally, there will be a simple questionnaire worth 15 points that you can fill out, with each person having only one chance to fill it out.

Referral Program

If your friend successfully joins Toluna, you will receive 500 points for each referral (up to 10 new friends per month).

Rewards (Moved to Game Section in October)

Starting from October, this lucky roulette has been moved to the game section, and there is no need to log in again.

You can spin the roulette every day and try your luck.

I only got 80 points on my first spin, the rest will have to wait for next time! My luck is so bad…haha.

Can Toluna be trusted and can you really redeem rewards for cash? My experience with redemption.

It’s been about 4-5 months since I started accumulating points from Toluna. Compared to Shopback surveys, the rewards given here are really generous, but there are fewer surveys available and each survey takes longer to complete.

As of now, I have redeemed a total of NT$800, which I think is quite impressive.

In my opinion, Toluna is a survey company that puts in a lot of effort.

Toluna registration is completely free! If you’re ready, let’s give it a try!


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